Whenever does punishment become abuse?

Female, 13 yrs old, PA


Whenever does punishment be abuse? Recently my father happens to be annoyed within my sibling (a junior) for difficulty with his senior task. Corporal punishment has arrived into play, & sometimes my buddy cries. My mom exists, but she doesn’t intervene frequently. Has it gone past an acceptable limit? Can I call for assistance?

Teen Line Wrote:

Thank you a great deal for calling Teen Line, i am therefore happy you reached off to us! It truly appears like your sibling is facing a whole lot at this time, and I also want you to learn which you did the right thing by calling Teen Line. Your dad has no right to harm your cousin in virtually any feasible method. Moms and dads are designed to love you, which help you through crisis, just just what he is doing is not really appropriate. Then it is considered abuse if a parent is hurting a kid. This seems severe sufficient, that I would suggest calling us at 800-852-8336 or text “TEEN” to 839863 for the text discussion 6pm-9pm PST.

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